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Pre & Post Adoption Therapy


The Relationship Center is a meeting place where people from all ages and cultures gather to re-group and resculpt meaning/direction in their lives.  A sense of security is sought when stumbling blocks occur in our lives.  Having our feelings validated and processing those feelings helps us emotionally.   Developing a course of action based on integrated facts and processed feelings can be the template we use to help us meet our needs and obligations.  Men, women, children, adolscents, adults, adoptees, birthparents and their extended families, adoptive parents and their extended families are all welcome. Most insurance accepted.   

Child & Adolescent Therapy

Therapy with children and adolescents requires knowledge of multiple in treatment methods and the skill to apply them.  A combination of art therapy, play therapy and cognitive therapy frequently reduces the anxiety and resistance to treatment. Children come to play and do not recognize the games have educational meanings that help them to resolve the developmental stumbling blocks they are experiencing. Adolescents believe they have a confidant that will understand them.  

Adult Therapy

There are times in every adult's life that the world feels like it is moving too fast and we can't seem to grab on or is so slow that we want to pitch our obligations and run the other way.  A combination of cognitive therapy and rational emotive therapy validates and processes feelings within a reality based framework.  Strategies to improve problem solving and coping skills are frequently encouraged to effect change.   

Pre & Post Adoption Therapy

The emotional complexities of adoption occur before the birth of a child for the birth parents and the adoptive parents no matter if the adoption is "open", "semi-open" or "closed"and "private", "agency" or "foster" based. The sensativities are lifelong for all members after the birth of the child, as well.  Talking with your child about their adoption and assisting them to feel integrated are areas of specialty at The Relationship Center.